Our Ethos

Onezeero is the evolution of IT recruitment.

Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Megatron became Galvatron. Vertical IT has become Onezeero.

Always moving

We were born in 2010 and our success has built from that day. In fact, we've grown 70% since 2013. But, even the most gifted must keep adapting to stay ahead in the rapidly-changing technology sector and we've evolved, just like our market.

We needed a brand for the current technology generation. A brand that reflected who we are, with less restrictive implications than good, old 'IT'. Fit for an age in which technology permeates every aspect of our jobs and lives.

The beating heart

At the core of technology is simple binary code. Onezeero is the binary code and evokes our technical heritage while better representing the myriad roles we source for our customers. And you all know 'zeero' is a Unix command, right?

The tech trinity

Lorien Digital and Lorien FS joined the Vertical IT party in 2012 and became embedded in their sectors, as experts in their chosen fields. In 2016, we unified our techie trinity, to consolidate our presence and provide our customers, be they a media start-up, hedge-fund or online retailer, with the optimum route to the technology market.