'A Brighter Future' – your key to tech trends and talent demands

Technology is moving at an unprecedented pace, altering the world around us. And the workforce is changing with it, making finding talent harder than ever before.

If you’re a tech business, or a business that uses tech strategically, you may be familiar with this challenge.

Today, staying competitive means harnessing tech. And harnessing tech means attracting the right talent. But what does that mean when it comes to future-proofing your business?

Onezeero’s latest whitepaper explores the tech and talent trends shaping our working lives. In the report, we cover:

  • The technology trends promising to tip the business world on its head – from Extended Reality (XR) to the data revolution and Blockchain
  • The workforce trends that are changing talent markets and heating up candidate demand – including IR35, global power plays, and the CSR imperative
  • What you can do about it. From diversifying your talent pool to choosing a recruitment model that works for you, we help you get ready for the future.

Throughout the report, we draw on the experiences and anecdotes of our tech recruitment specialists; lending you our personal insight into some of the biggest trends in the industry.

Ready to get - and stay - ahead of change? Then download your free copy today, of our tech market report ‘A Brighter Future’. 

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