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The 'Beautiful Basics' and why every new recruiter should know them – part 1

Baptism by fire? Micromanaged and mollycoddled? Taught by trial and error? Or nurtured in a supportive environment? However your recruitment company decides to induct, train, and, ultimately, get you up and running is bound to vary, the principle of the role – or rather, how to do it right – remains the same. At Onezeero, we call this the ‘Beautiful Basics’, a set of ten rules that all recruiters should know within their first year on the job. If you’d like to find out how it’s actually done and how we go beyond the Beautiful Basics – because they’re basic for a reason – we’d love to show you how it’s done. We’re even hiring in our Manchester office for those new to recruiting now – find out more and apply now!

1. Mindset and Wellbeing – Thinking positive thoughts that create and transform energy into reality

There’s no getting away from it, recruitment can be a stressful environment and even the most seasoned recruiters can suffer burnout. Mental health problems should always be taken seriously – at Onezeero, we have Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA), dedicated support groups and champions, regular chats, an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), and a lot more. However, in terms of tackling day-to-day mental blocks and challenges, our beautiful basics offer some practical steps.

When you first start in recruitment, it can be tough. You may not have the networks or the credibility with candidates and clients to land roles immediately. Working hard in the first few months can set you up for the long haul by connecting you with candidates and getting you accustomed to your market. Self-motivation, hard work, and perseverance are all traits in the best recruiters. Think of it like training for a marathon when you’ve never even run a mile. The more you run, the more experience you gain, the easier each mile is. It’s all about having that mentality to push yourself and stay positive about reaching the end.

At the same time, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of working smart by building your pipeline when you need to. A good leader will help you to do this, to identify opportunities, and to take weight off you when you need it.

2. CRM – Track all daily activity

Customer-relationship Management (CRM) systems are a recruiter’s best friend. It’s here that you keep tabs on your candidates, monitor progress, and bank great candidates for future roles. It’s best practice to update the CRM every day, so you don’t end up with a backlog of admin when you least need it – such as when a placement lands or the pressure hits.

CRMs also reveal a lot about client engagement. If you’re a new business recruiter, you can check your CRM for past interactions with the client before making the adrenaline-inducing pitch for business. If you’re a company with as wide a reach as ours, it means that your calls will often end up warm – a much easier way to land business. 

3. Sourcing – Master all sourcing tools

Recruitment has come a long way since the days of little black books or scouting on job boards. The most successful recruiters are those who understand the vast array of sourcing tools out there – and how and when to use them.

This includes optimising artificial intelligence and predictive platforms, through to specialist tech peer review websites and online communities, precision sourcing and data mining, events and networking, creative advertising, social media, and even conventional active candidate sourcing (among a thousand other ways). The best candidates aren’t always in the most obvious place.

4. Land and expand – Maximising and maintaining clients

Here’s one for the new business recruiters. Getting to know your clients at a really granular level is important for so many reasons. It means that you can understand their needs and challenges, anticipate demand, and appreciate context of each requirement.

It also helps you to be consultative, even perceiving their needs before they do – which is important because it can help you to build business, deliver value, and develop relationships. Placing with a client isn’t the final step, it’s the first.

5. Become an expert – Immerse yourself in your market

Can you comfortably have a conversation with a leader in your market without breaking a sweat? If not, you aren’t credible and clients will detect that. It may seem easy to simply read requirements from a job spec, but this is how you build trust with clients and candidates.

To immerse yourself, attend meet-ups, host events, read up, and even take a course if you need to. The better you understand the industry your candidates and clients work in, the easier it will be to make matches and recommend solutions.

The sharp ones among you may have noticed that we mentioned that there were ten principles we follow in Onezeero, but only five are listed here. Well, we think that the best is yet to come. If you’d like to read more hints and tips, please follow our LinkedIn page to read part two of ‘The Beautiful Basics and Why Every New Recruiter Should Know Them’.

Or maybe you’re tired of reading and would rather hear about Onezeero and all the great things we do through the dulcet tones of our internal recruiter Tom Carter? He’s got plenty to share – like about our new offices, our company culture, commission structures, benefits and progression, or about all the great opportunities we have coming up, including openings for junior recruiters in our Manchester office.

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