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The Beautiful Basics and why every new recruiter should know them part two

This blog has been updated to reflect current changes in the working world, and the increase in remote working for our business, clients, candidates, and contractors. The Beautiful Basics is Onezeero’s philosophy for a fulfilling and financially healthy first year in recruitment. The step-by-step guide gives recruiters a good grounding in what it takes to navigate what can be a challenging industry – and is just one example of the support and structure we give to new recruits. Wondering why we started at number six? It’s because you’re reading things back to front (and that’s okay, we like people that do things differently). For the principles, please read Beautiful Basics and Why Every Recruiter Should Know Them Part 1.

6. Job qualification – take time to go beyond the job spec and capture all the detail

Instead of skimming the job description and deciding it’s another Java Developer role, request a qualification call with the hiring manager. Often job descriptions are templated, outdated (if the original template was set up years ago), and selected by hiring managers out of convenience. They aren’t necessarily a true reflection of what the company wants or needs. You can therefore save a lot of time (and heartache) by setting up a one-to-one call with a hiring manager to go through all of the intricacies of the role and the requirements not inherent in the job description. Context, team make-up, culture, values, skills, experience, mind-set, motivations – these are all things that you could end up missing, and they could be a deal breaker.

7. Stay in touch – accurate feedback for candidates and clients, always being honest and transparent

Being a candidate that applies for a role, interviews, and never hears back is frustrating and disappointing. Candidate experience is phenomenally important, as candidates will share their experience with their networks. When it comes to feedback, the trick is to be prompt, honest, and constructive. Negative feedback is just as important as positive feedback too, as it gives candidates the opportunity to grow and develop their skills. Provided it’s delivered in the right way, with the opportunity to raise questions, candidates will respect your honesty. As for hiring managers, their trust in your honesty is what will make them continue to turn to you for hires. When it comes to communication, it is as simple as putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

8. Interview preparation – putting candidates in the best possible position to get the job

Remember all that insight you gleaned from the hiring manager during the qualification call? Time to put it to good use. Remember: candidates don’t know what they don’t know. So the more you can tell them about the opportunity, the more advice you can give, and the more insight into the company you can provide, the better the interview will go. This has the added benefit of giving candidates a better understanding of the company, the role, and expectations set on them. This is make or break – you’ll also sort the candidates that are serious and bought-in to the role from those that aren’t. Don’t forget to follow-up the day before the interview to confirm attendance, and get confirmation in writing as well as over the phone.

We’ve seen a big change in hiring dynamics since the move to remote working. We’ve had clients request video and online interviews, interviews to be set up locally at houses, and clients streamlining and fast-tracking the recruitment process. But just because some hiring managers are understandably less inclined to have face-to-face interviews in the office, that doesn’t mean that interview preparation is any less important. In fact, in uncertain market conditions, ensuring that your candidates are able to put their best foot forward and secure a great role could be game-changing.

9. Candidate engagement – meet with candidates to develop long and lasting relationships

If you’re a tech recruiter like us, you’ll be familiar with the candidate-short nature of our industry. Clients want the best candidates, and the best candidates work with the best recruiters. With so many recruitment companies flooding candidates with opportunities, standing out is all about demonstrating value. At Onezeero, we don’t simply contact our candidates when we have a role to fill. We constantly keep in touch with market updates, articles of interest, and free events that are specific and relevant to the candidate. Rather than focusing on building weak relationships with thousands of candidates, we develop personal, meaningful relationships with a select group of candidates who are considered the best in their field.

Naturally, candidate meet-ups and events are slightly harder with social distancing so important right now. But you can still keep candidates engaged. Replace face-to-face interaction with video calling, arrange online catch-ups, and keep candidates informed of market opportunities and changes with regular emails. Candidates working at home will be more readily available and more willing to talk openly about their situation – we recommend taking advantage of that opportunity to build candidate relationships.

10. Client engagement – meet with your clients to develop long and lasting relationships

It’s important for clients to be able to put a face to the name. Building relationships means that clients will see you as more than just ‘another recruiter’. It will help you to deliver a more consultative service, and will encourage clients to value your experience and input. In turn, you can be more honest about challenges, proactive about solutions, and strategic about long-term resourcing. And that’s a great thing for the client too.

Just as with candidates, it’s important to still reach out to clients during this time. Clients may be more receptive to conversations about their workforce strategy, and you can even get ahead of the game by pre-scheduling meetings, ready to be taken up in a few months’ time.

So there you have it – ten simple tips. Ten Beautiful Basics. For the right person, recruitment can be full of opportunities. It can challenge your focus and self-motivation, boost your confidence and enhance your interpersonal skills. And because it takes a certain strength, a mental agility and determination, there is also a great support network and a sense of camaraderie. At least, that’s what it’s like at Onezeero. And the Beautiful Basics don’t even begin to define how we see great recruitment. 

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