The Top 10 Onezeero Blogs to Read This Year

The top 10 Onezeero blogs to read this year

Did you miss out? Well, good news. We’ve rounded up some of our best blog pieces from the year for some light reading pre-Christmas. This bitesize review of the last year in tech and recruitment, according to our specialist recruiters and special guests, will leave you ready to take on 2020. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to read our articles as they come out and to join the discussion. So, here’s what you may have missed this year. 

1. ‘Is Product Strategy Broken?’ key takeaways

Find out what we learnt from this Onezeero-led event hosted by product expert Mel McVeigh, with a panel of product specialists sharing their views on this controversial question. Read the blog here. Plus. you can read our earlier Q&A with Mel McVeigh in our blogs.

2. How to use tech to improve your recruitment process

Regional Director Ross Summers examines the ways technology can enhance recruitment, from Video-Assisted Recruiting (VAR) to Chatbots, Insight, and Reporting and Tech Training. Read the blog here.

3. Why Leeds is lighting up as a digital hotspot

Based in our Leeds office, James Westwood has been recruiting tech professionals across the North-West for 10 years. Find out what he views as the big trends in his market, and his top tips for getting the tech job you want. Read the blog here.

4. PHP Interviews: are you asking the right questions?

Our software development expert Marielisa Cabrera interviews Asif Ali, Head of Development at leading retailer Pretty Little Thing on qualifying and interviewing PHP developers. Asif shares his top tips for identifying top talent in the competitive PHP market. Read the blog here.

5. 5G: the Future of Infrastructure

5G will accelerate growth across all industries with its advanced connectivity, barely-there latency, and reduced complexity. What does that mean for cities, countries, and companies? In this blog, our infrastructure specialist Andy Harrison analyses what 5G means for the UK, in terms of both challenges and opportunities. Read the blog here.

6. Why DevOps is one of the best paying disciplines in tech – and how you can get into it

Resident DevOps specialist Matt Smethurst looks at the booming DevOps market and its rising demand in business, surpassing Agile, SCRUM, and Test Automation. Alongside exploring its competitiveness and salary trends, Matt offers some useful advice for pursuing a career in this in-demand skillset. Read the blog here.

7. Why is Python so popular?

Python is the third most popular programming language, and one of the only top three languages to show growth this year. But why is it such a fan favourite, and what does this mean for the other programming languages? Steve Oakley, Development Manager, has the answer. Read the blog here.

8. Explainable AI and the role of BI in Analytics

James Teasdale looks at the changing face of BI and the role that AI will play in its future; while AI may not outrun the value of BI in the short-term, the two working together could usher in a more intuitive, efficient age of business analytics. James explores what this could look like, and why. Read the blog here.

9. You say you want to change, but are you ready for it?

What does your business need to do before implementing a change programme? In this blog, Managing Director Justin Hall offers practical tips for how to successfully shape a business from the inside, and explains why change needs to be goal-orientated and not just a ‘box-ticking’ exercise. Read the blog here.

10. Why I am backing the tech talent of tomorrow

Managing Director Justin Hall returns to share his views on the Apprenticeship Levy, and why every business eligible should be leveraging theirs. For Justin, the Levy offers the potential to bridge the supply and demand gap in tech faced by many organisations. Read the blog here.

There are also plenty of other tech and recruitment-related blogs to add to your reading list. If you’re a candidate ready for a new role, or a client looking to recruit in tech, please reach out to our team via

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