Permanent and contract

IT jobs in the UK. Some short-term. Some long-term. All top notch.

It's not about shoe-horning someone into an ill-fitting role for the sake of a quick earner. At Onezeero, we do things the other way round.

We structure our business around our candidates’ profiles, around the jobs they do and their aspirations. So we spend time understanding their skills and motivations, who they are, the things that make them tick. Only when we understand what our candidates want can we match them to what our clients want.

Like a good recruitment conscience perched on their shoulder, we work with both contract and permanent candidates time and time again, finding them jobs, keeping them informed and helping them make decisions.

We don’t believe in trying to be something we’re not. We believe you’ve got to make what you’ve got, hot. So we use our consultants’ specialist knowledge to build candidate networks, in turn client networks provide us access to the most hard-to-find people.  Both are critical in this massively competitive market.

Click here and take a look at our contract and permanent jobs below and give us a shout if anything catches your eye.