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Cultivating Career Equality

How we're making onezeero. more gender diverse

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Cultivating Career Equality is onezeero.'s campaign for a diverse, inclusive, and balanced workforce, in every industry and every business, including our own.

We will drive equality by holding up our own business as an example, creating unity by embracing individuality, and empowering our people to lead fair and fulfilling careers.

We are committed to dividing fact from fiction, identifying trends, and speaking transparently to inspire change.

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In 2018, onezeero. and sister company Lorien are investigating the recruitment sector from the perspective of our people and the industry as a whole.

What makes the people in our company successful? Are we doing enough, and could we be doing more? Do women even consider recruitment an attractive career and what drives them to be successful?

From the other side, is there anything that prevents women from progressing in recruitment? Where are we at, and what more can we offer to provide a rewarding, fulfilling and long-term career in our industry?

That’s where we’ll start — with our own beliefs and perceptions. As for where we’ll finish, that answer lies with the people.

It’s only through intently listening that we’ll get the right answers we need to implement the change that can make onezeero. more gender diverse.

We hope our findings will not only inspire people within our company, but the industry as a whole.

Here are a few words from our managing director, Matt Holmes:

At onezeero., Lorien, and Impellam, we have women leading our functional departments in legal, finance, marketing, talent, HR, and digital, as well as some of our business units and brands. Representation at this level, and mentorship from the top down, is critical for engagement. I don't think this has to be exclusive to women, either. Julia [CEO, Impellam] and Claire [CEO, Lorien] are inspiring me, and I hope that one day I'll be in their positions inspiring and championing our future senior leaders.

For now the focus is on applying the same principles to onezeero. and our people's career development. For me therefore, this campaign is also about celebrating what we're doing well as well as looking at what more we can be doing for our people. That starts by reflecting not only on our beliefs about the sector, but also by listening to what they have to say. It could tip all of our pre-suppositions about the industry, the gender balance, and what we think we should be doing to achieve our mission, on their head.

Matt Holmes, Managing Director

Over the coming months we’re going to be asking some tough questions, undertaking research, posting our findings; as well as commenting on the importance of a balanced workforce, both within our industry, and the wider world of work. All of which we will regularly update on this page.

We’re here to drive the recruitment sector to become a better place for all. Together let’s change our industry. Follow our journey here.