Financial Software jobs in the UK

financial tech jobs

financial sector, technology jobs in the UK. yes, you read that correctly. and we don't just mean banks (though we like them too)...

In an age where technology permeates every aspect of our jobs and lives, niches and micro-niches are popping up by the day. Technology constantly evolves and so do we.

Our technology-aligned gurus enable us to cover the entire finance sector including; small stock trading houses, investment management institutions, commodities trading companies, retail finance businesses and fintech providers.  We’re as comfortable with their technology as they are. Whether it’s a junior or executive level role, techie or business-change focused, we'll likely have a finance client who'd be interested in talking to you...

We’re mainly focused on London and the South East right now but our reach is growing by the day.

Chris is a consultant for Financial Software jobs in the UK

Chris Barton


Gary is a consultant for Financial Software jobs in the UK

Gary  Gregory

Trading Technology Specialist

James is a Senior Resourcer for Financial Software jobs at onezeero.

James Ingall

Senior Resourcer